Tecsun PL-365 ~ Replace stock antenna by BNC connector

The Tecsun PL-365 is a great SW radio (as well as an FM radio) with both regular broadcast bands as well as HAM bands and selectable USB/LSB reception with BFO.

However, the stock telescopic antenna is not long enough for these bands and adding a wire to this antenna is not very practical. Fortunately you can easily add a BNC connector without modifying anything or ruining the case!

The stock antenna-connector on top is only for AM reception, unfortunately not for SW…

Step 1 – opening the case

Unscrew 2 long screws on the back, 1 short on the back holding the original antenna and 4 short screws underneath the batteries. Pull the antenna through the hole on top of the radio.

Gently lift the front half of the case, careful with the wires running to the speaker and place it right next to the rest of the radio. You will see the PCB with the display on top.

Step 2 – removing the display

The PCB with the display is connected to the back PCB by a plug-in connector and it is secured by 3 short screws. Unscrew them and gently lift the PCB, disconnecting it from the back PCB. This will reveal the back PCB.

Step 3 – solder and glue the BNC connector

The BNC connector fits exactly in the hole of the original antenna, however a nut can not be placed so the connector has to be glued in place.

Solder two wires to the BNC connector: the center goes to the original antennaterminal (left – red wire) and the GND goes to a ground connection on the PCB. There are several options, the best may be the GND connection on the back of the PCB.

After soldering, glue the connector in place with epoxy or hot glue. Put a little piece of insulation over the connector to prevent shorting in the back of the display PCB.

Step 4 – assembly

After applying glue and insulation, immediately assemble the radio by putting the display PCB back in place and screwing the 3 little screws. Place the top half of the case back on and screw in the 4 small screws and 2 large screws in the back.

Now check if the connector is straight in place and correct if needed (that’s why you shouldn’t wait too long before assembly).

You’re finished! Your radio now has a BNC connector that can hold a telescopic whip or longwire, loop or whatever you want to use to receive SW.

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